Within our team there are two key things we realized a long time ago. Sustainable tourism requires the strong participation of local communities and the development of local communities requires the strong participation of local tourism operators. Only with such strong cooperation will we be able to achieve long term goals for the prosperity of local communities and the long term protection of large nature conservancies. Although we strive to be in remote areas, we do not wish to operate in isolation. Our operating company Terra Conservancy Operations, a full subsidiary of Timbo Afrika Foundation in The Netherlands, not only trains local people for jobs in every aspect of the hospitality industry, but also supports local entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses, helps finding (international) markets for their products and motivates people to look after their habitat. A skills transfer program for local technicians has also been set up, allowing them to improve on building, plumbing and carpentry quality.


As a very successful entrepreneur and investor, amongst others, in green and environmental technology, Albert has funded for more then 15 years research relating to Leopards and protection of this threatened species. His funding and work ultimately have resulted in a change of traditional ceremonies and hunting laws.

This funding encompasses a wide range of vital subjects, from support to the Wildlife Department with aircraft, anti-poaching and re-introduction of endangered species such as rhino and sable antelope, but also schooling of local young people and the assistance and protection of farmers against that same wildlife.

Jurgen Elbertse

Left Europe in 2005 after having worked in the Oil & Gas industry for many years. Ultimately changed his career to development and management of private owned nature reserves in the Greater Kruger National Park region. In this capacity worked closely with the WWF on the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project and pioneered the first successful community based tourism projects allowing local communities to develop and manage safari operations.

Albert and Jurgen met in 2012 by accident as both were looking for an opportunity to put their vast experiences into a long term sustainable project. This ultimately resulted in the Botswana and Mozambique Operations.

Timbo Afrika Foundation

Timbo Afrika Foundation was founded in 2009 and named after a young boy, Tim Weerstand, who passed away that year after having suffered an aggressive form of cancer. Tim was passionate about Africa, Wildlife and the people involved in protecting that same wildlife.

All revenues from Koro River Camp and Koro Island go back to the foundation and companies through which he has invested all donate a percentage of their profits to it.

our team

Meet the extraordinary team that makes the Africa Experience truly special.

KB, Assistant Guide

KB has been with us from day 1. He started in the volunteer camp as a caretaker but during the construction of Koro River Camp his real talents surfaced quickly. Technically very gifted on almost every aspect varying from carpentry to roofing, but his passion for the bush changed his career path and he became a guide. Having lived in the bush his whole life he has a natural ability to spot and explain the wild life in our reserve. His biggest asset though is probably his big smile!

Sander, Researcher

Sander is in charge of research aimed at various subjects. One of them is the Human-Wildlife conflict, one of the most pressing matters in nature conservation as communities can be under pressure from wildlife venturing into the live stock or crops. Furthermore he has set up an elaborate program to monitor the leopards and hyenas in our area.

Lerato, Front of House

Lerato joined us as front of house in 2017. She is a strong part of our team; the most charming and service-minded member providing high level of attention and luxury to our guests. She will look after you whilst we serve meals, she looks after the shop and she will make sure that your stay will become a memorable one. No effort is too much for her!

Kgomotso, Chef

In our opinion the best bush chef you can find. Before she joined us she already had a successful career of no less than 24 yours in another bush lodge. She still is eager to learn new recipes and try new dishes. Her high teas with the most delicious cakes, dinners with real artisan cooked food and off course her own vegetable and herb garden have become famous amongst our guests. She is always in for a cook off with one of guests star chefs!

TT, Sous Chef

The sous chef and the most artistic, creative kitchen staff we have. He can turn a simple tomato & mozzarella salad into a little piece of art. In his quiet time in the kitchen you can often find him reading new recipes or other cooking books.

Solomon, Senior Tracker

Solomon is one of the senior trackers in this industry. Originally from our area but having worked in the Delta for many years, he decided to return to his roots. With him and Longwy on one of our game drives or bush walks you can be sure nothing will be missed. His eyes are still the best from all of us and he makes an exceptional G&T.

Margeret and Elina, Housekeeping

Responsible for our housekeeping and laundry. Margeret joined us in 2017 after she had recovered from a Hippo attack! Her hard work shows and you can hear her laughing from far away! Elina is the opposite, her mysterious smile makes you wonder…

Moses, Senior Guide

Moses is a highly experienced guide who will be able to tell you not just about the wildlife you encounter on your drives and walks, but also about the local history and local customs. You will recognise him at all times with his wide smile!

The Technical Team

Jimmy, Jospeh, David, Thsepang and Mpho. They will fix anything; whether it is a waterpipe dug up by an Elephant or a data cable chewed by a Hyena. Without them there would be no water, gas or even electricity as they also look after our highly sophisticated solar plant!