A Bespoke & Exclusive Adventure

We want our guests to have wilderness encounters that leave a lasting impression and open minds to the history and diversity of the area. Depending on your interests we’ll take you on bush walks, track the footprints of the hyena and take you on day or night time game drives. True adventurers have the opportunity to sleep under the stars in the reserve.

Bush Walks

Our team of experienced guides and trackers will take you on bush walks exploring natural springs, climbing high and low koppies, discovering the beauty of last wild orchids, following the tracks of predators and finding the best locations for rare photos of the Black Mamba.

Daytime Game Drives

Due to the diversity and size of our Reserve we can, and do make, extensive game drives. Both early in the morning allowing you to see the general game waking up and the predators prepare for sleep or late in the afternoon to see the opposite happening. But also to show you the magnificent landscape under a rising or slowly descending sun.

Night-time Game Drives

However for those guests who would like to see something different we make night drives as well. It will provide guests with a rare opportunity to see Elephants move in the moonlight, find Bat Eared Foxes or Aardvark or other creatures of the night; the ones you normally only hear. Maybe see Hyenas hunt. Experience wildlife in a complete different atmosphere.

Classes & Workshops

We can arrange cooking, photography and art masterclasses under the guidance of renowned experts, and present lectures on history and culture of the area. The reserve is also a special place of reflection, meditation and engagement with the natural world enhanced through yoga practices at the reserve.

A Tailored experience

If you’re looking for absolute exclusivity, you can book a guide to tailor your activities for the duration of your stay. Tell us about your special interests in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate; whether it’s tracking a particular animal, twitching a certain bird, or capturing rare photos, we will make time and have specialists available to you.

Research & Participation

We invite our guests to have an active participation in the research that takes place at the reserve. Learn about hyena and leopard movement and interaction. Learn how bees protect vegetable farmland against elephants.