Timbo Afrika Foundation

Due to substantial financial support of Albert Hartog and the Timbo Afrika Foundation, the Furs For Life project was made possible. The project aimed to prevent leopard hunting through the development of artificial leopard skins. The research carried out strongly influenced the laws in South Africa which ultimately resulted in a total ban on leopard hunting. The resulting ban had a huge positive impact on the leopard population in South Africa and to mark its success a documentary was released, To Skin a Cat and previewed at Durban International Film Festival 2016. Our current research is looking to extend the success into Botswana; we have set up cameras in the Central Tuli Reserve to track the leopard population and its territories as well as interaction with other large predators such as the Lion and Spotted Hyena.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

Our reserve borders meet with farmland, elephants and predators wander into this land causing much damage to the farmer’s crop. Our research aims to identify the species and in turn the best course of action to overcome the problem without harm to animal or farmer. We are in the process of setting up the first solution which is a series of bee hives constructed on farmland to deter the elephants. Working closely with the farmers in doing so.

Introduction of the Sable Antelope

The Sable Antelope once roamed freely over the vast plains of the Central Tuli Block but became extinct due to hunting. We are now working on the preparations of re-introducing this species back into this area. It is proven that this a difficult tasks but we are being supported by a team of international specialists who have been involved in prior successful re-introductions.

Introduction of Black & White Rhino

Very little has to be said about the threat these prehistoric magnificent animals are under. Our long term objective is to have sustainable breading herds of both species back into our area. Within our team we have the expertise but here we are also supported by the top rhino specialists in the world. Let’s make sure that the rhino is not just an ancient rock art picture from long gone times…