for animals and the community to thrive

Sustainable tourism is more than just taking care of your environment. In our philosophy, we create not only an environment for wildlife to thrive, but for our staff and neighbouring communities too. Without balance in the activities of all those involved, long-term sustainable tourism is impossible.

We pride ourselves on our creation of proper staff accommodation, training all our staff in-house to a professional level in all required areas, and in training local management. We have established close working relationships with local communities that bolster our cultural knowledge, while we help them with care, training and protection against our wildlife to drive peaceful co-existence. This has resulted in an equal relationship.

We look after the environment too; growing our own vegetables, having implemented an advanced water recycling system, using bio-degradable detergents and having used sustainable building materials – we keep our footprint to a minimum. We have rehabilitated large, formerly degraded agricultural areas and are actively working to restore further areas to their original situation.