wilderness in its truest form

Witness the large herds of elephants in the spiritual setting of the Central Tuli Block. Be immersed in the vast plains where only the dust clouds in the distance betray the location of the elands, illuminated at night only by the stars and the galaxies in the sky.

Your Adventure

Central Tuli Block Game Reserve is situated in the heart of the Central Tuli Block, one of the most undisturbed game areas in Botswana. Engage in the adventure of tracking hyenas and leopards on foot and join our anti-poaching team to witness first-hand the harsh and dangerous labour of protecting wildlife. The reserve is also one of the last areas of the free roaming African Lion.

For The Experienced Guest

This is not the average safari. Built for the experienced visitor – you’ve seen the big five, now you’re come back for a genuine African experience, a different perspective on nature. No fences or barriers, you will roam freely with our guides in a truly and otherworldly place. Here you’ll be traversing the vast landscape of 10,000 hectares.

An Ancient Landscape

This is an ancient landscape where you can discover the remains of the stone age through rock art and engage in the culture of ancient tribes who still inhabit the area. Sangomas, ancient rights, ceremonies and witch craft are still practiced.

Secluded Wilderness

For decades the area was inaccessible and her treasures where hidden from the public eye. Now the area is recognised as an unspoiled destination, no human inhabitation close by but still within a 4 hours travelling time of the major hubs. Offering all the amenities a traveller can expect.